National Transmission and Dispatch Company Jobs 2022

Job Details :

Have you ever had a hard time looking for jobs in your career field? I have. It’s never easy finding work doing what you love, but it’s easier when Job Ads have all the essential information you need to know. This is why I’m a big fan of online listings. National Transmission and Dispatch Company Jobs 2022 is one of the listings that can help you find jobs in no time.

National Transmission and Dispatch Company is one of the largest companies listed in the public sector and is also looking to hire people on a vast scale. They have been working in this industry for quite some time now, and they are looking to hire people who can apply for their jobs. Because they want to give them the best chance at life. However, they want to make sure that they can work there and earn a living to live a better life.

Many people are looking for jobs. But not many of them have the proper qualifications for it. This is why we are here to help you out here. We will be providing you with all the information about how you can apply for these jobs here, so let’s get started!

Job Name: National Transmission and Dispatch Company Jobs 2022


Last Date: Check Advert First

Fee Structure: 780PKR/Each Post

Number Of Posts: Total of 13 Posts

Vacant Posts :

1. General Manager (BPS 1)

2. Deputy General Manager (BPS 10)

3. Financial Consultant (BPS 11)

4. HR Consultant (BPS 12)

5. Statistician/Analyst (BPS 13)

6. IT Analyst/Programmer (Java) (BPS 14)

7. IT Systems Analyst (Oracle) (BPS 15)

8. Operator Controller (BPS 16)

9. Mathematician/Statistician (BPS 17)

10. Computer Operator (Microsoft) (BPS 18)

11. Computer Operator (Unix) (BPS 19)

12. IT Engineer Technician (Cisco Systems) (BPS 21)

13. IT Software Engineer (BPS 22)

Documents Requirements :

1- High School Diploma and Certificate

2- Two years of experience in the electrical field

3- Three years of experience in the oil industry.

4- Five years of experience in mechanical maintenance.

5- Electrical, mechanical, and or oil background.

6- Knowledgeable of data processing hardware and software protocols.

Eligibility Criteria Of This Job :

1. Applicants should be at least 18 years of age.

2. Applicants should have a valid driving license for 5 years.

3. Applicants should have a valid license to operate heavy vehicles (Class C).

4. Applicants must be physically fit. They must have a minimum height of 5’3″ and a maximum height of 6’2″ (for male candidates). The minimum size is 5’0″ for female candidates, and the maximum height is 6’0″.

5. The applicant should be able to read the English language fluently and write legibly in the English language at an appropriate level of proficiency (Level 3 or above on the International English Language Testing System).

Minimum Salary :

The salary will be determined based on your qualification, experience, performance, and location, among other things. In addition, we offer a rewarding compensation package that includes medical insurance benefits, annual leave benefits, work permit renewal fee waivers, etc.

Application Procedure :

If you want to apply for the positions mentioned above, then you need to go through the procedure given below:

1. The candidates need to send their applications and the required documents by mail. The documents should be attached in the form of a zip file.

2. The subject of your email should be the name of the position you are applying for. It should be written in capital letters.

3. The deadline for applying for these positions is 05 May 2022.

Job FAQ :

Qno1. What are the entry requirements for NTDCL jobs?

Ans: For NTDCL jobs, you need to hold a Diploma from any recognized University.

Qno2. What are the salary details for this job?

Ans: You can find salary details of NTDCL jobs on the Times Jobs site, a renowned website in Pakistan.

Qno3. What kind of work timings are there in this company?

Ans: There are eight hours of work, five days a week, and daily pay is given. No overtime is worked.

Qno4. What are the benefits of NTDCL jobs?

Ans: As per the information, there isn’t any benefit with this job, but you will get 12th pay on joining and an annual bonus from time to time.

Qno5. How many vacancies are available for this job?

Ans: There are a total of 33 vacancies for NTDCL jobs. The complete list of vacancies will be shown at

Qno6. Which city or locality is preferable for this job?

Ans: You can find NTDCL jobs in any city in Pakistan. This organization’s best cities to have a career in are Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Qno7. What are the skills needed for getting in?

Ans: The skills needed for NTDCL jobs are English and Computer Proficiency.

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